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SKF eLube – next generation lubrication systems

eLube is a new generation of connected automatic lubrication solutions. A complete line of smart and user-friendly components that you combine in a system that best fits your needs. eLube can help you identify issues at a glance, track machine health data, get early warning of potential failures and take preventive action. Connect it to SKF Enlight Centre and get machine performance insights based on data from both your lubrication system and your bearings. eLube products are compact, fit-for-purpose and easy to integrate into your equipment.

Cut costs by keeping track of your data

The integrated data logger functionality of eLube products enables plannable refill of the pump through prewarning signal and indication of remaining time to refill. This information can also help you identify maintenance issues to accept or reject warranty claims. By keeping track of lubrication data, you can ultimately reduce machine downtime.

Easy to learn, quick to get started

You’ll find that eLube products are intuitive to install and configure. Easy-to-use interfaces will help you set up the proper parameters and take the right action to solve your issues.

Safer operation

By enabling you to remotely monitor that lubrication equipment is functioning properly without accessing dangerous or hazardous areas, SKF eLube systems will help you reduce the risk of accidents.

Availability and flexibility

The eLube family offers a pre-selected range of packages to provide quick availability and flexibility for different demands and applications. You can either choose from these packages or configure the eLube products according to your special needs.

Reduce environmental impact

Automatic lubrication systems reduce the use of lubricants, meaning decreased emissions of up to 2.2 kg CO2 per kilogram grease. With SKF eLube you can also get an overview of your lubricant consumption, helping you take yet another step towards environmentally sound lubrication management.

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